In today’s digital age, effective social media management is essential for franchises to build their brand, engage with their audience, and attract potential franchisees. At Automated Arts, we specialize in crafting tailored social media strategies that drive growth and success for franchises in the Philippine market. Our comprehensive packages are designed to meet the unique needs of franchises at different stages of their journey.

Starter Package 

    • Description: The Starter Package is designed for small franchises that are looking to establish their social media presence and attract potential franchisees. This package provides the essentials needed to get started on key platforms.
    • Services:
      • Profile Setup and Optimization: Initial setup and optimization of profiles on 2 social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram).
      • Content Creation: 12 content posts per month tailored to your brand and audience.
      • Basic Engagement: Monitor and engage with followers through likes and comments.
      • Monthly Performance Report: Receive a monthly report summarizing key metrics and performance.
    • Target Accomplishments: Establish a consistent online presence, increase brand awareness, and begin engaging with a potential franchise audience.
    • Price Annually: ₱180,000
    • Price Monthly: ₱17,000
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Growth Package

    • Description: The Growth Package is ideal for franchises looking to expand their reach and increase engagement with a broader audience. This package offers enhanced content and engagement services to drive growth.
    • Services:
      • Profile Setup and Optimization: Setup and optimization of profiles on 3 social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn).
      • Content Creation: 20 content posts per month with a focus on engaging and informative material.
      • Enhanced Engagement: Active engagement with followers through replies and direct messages.
      • Monthly Performance Report with Insights: Detailed monthly report with insights and recommendations.
      • Targeted Ad Campaigns: 2 targeted ad campaigns per quarter to boost visibility and attract potential franchisees.
    • Target Accomplishments: Increase audience engagement, grow follower base, and generate leads through targeted advertising.
    • Price Annually: ₱360,000
    • Price Monthly: ₱34,000
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Premium Package

    • Description: The Premium Package is for established franchises aiming for maximum impact and lead generation. This comprehensive package includes advanced engagement, professional content creation, and strategic consultation.
    • Services:
      • Profile Setup and Optimization: Setup and optimization of profiles on 4 social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter).
      • Content Creation: 30 high-quality content posts per month, including videos and infographics.
      • Advanced Engagement: Community management, including proactive engagement and reputation management.
      • Bi-Weekly Performance Report with In-Depth Analysis: Detailed reports every two weeks, providing in-depth analysis and strategic recommendations.
      • Targeted Ad Campaigns: 4 targeted ad campaigns per quarter to maximize reach and lead generation.
      • Monthly Strategy Consultation: Monthly consultations to refine strategies and ensure alignment with business goals.
    • Target Accomplishments: Maximize brand visibility, drive high-quality leads, and establish a strong community presence.
    • Price Annually: ₱660,000
    • Price Monthly: ₱62,000
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By choosing one of our specialized packages, your franchise can leverage the power of social media to build a strong online presence, engage with potential franchisees, and achieve significant business growth. Let Automated Arts be your partner in navigating the digital landscape and unlocking the full potential of your franchise. Contact us today to get started!

Comparison Table: Social Media Management for Franchise

Service Specifications Starter Package Growth Package Premium Package
Platform Setup and Optimization Setup and optimize profiles on 2 platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram) Setup and optimize profiles on 3 platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) Setup and optimize profiles on 4 platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)
Content Creation 12 content posts per month 20 content posts per month 30 content posts per month (including videos, infographics)
Content Types Text, images Text, images, videos, infographics Text, images, videos, infographics, customer testimonials
Engagement Basic engagement (likes, comments) Enhanced engagement (replies, direct messages) Advanced engagement (community management, proactive interaction)
Ad Campaigns 2 targeted ad campaigns per quarter 4 targeted ad campaigns per quarter
Performance Reports Monthly performance report Monthly performance report with insights Bi-weekly performance report with in-depth analysis
Strategy Consultation Monthly strategy consultation to refine strategies and align with business goals
Community Management Proactive community management to foster relationships and handle feedback
Content Calendar Basic schedule for content posting Detailed content calendar planning and scheduling Comprehensive content calendar with strategic timing and thematic alignment
Customer Support Integration Basic integration for customer inquiries and feedback handling Advanced integration to streamline customer support processes and enhance brand reputation
Competitor Analysis Regular analysis to stay ahead of competitors and adapt strategies
SEO Optimization Basic SEO practices for content visibility Enhanced SEO strategies for increased organic reach Advanced SEO techniques to improve search engine rankings and visibility
Influencer Collaborations Basic outreach to local influencers Strategic partnerships with influencers to amplify brand reach and engagement
Campaign Tracking and Analytics Basic tracking of ad campaign performance Detailed analytics and ROI tracking for all campaigns
Custom Graphics and Design Basic graphic design for posts Professional design for campaigns and branding elements Customized graphics and branding materials tailored to franchise identity
Customer Feedback Management Basic monitoring of customer feedback Advanced tools for gathering, analyzing, and responding to customer feedback
Event Promotion Promotion of franchise events and openings Comprehensive event marketing strategies and execution
Crisis Management Basic protocols for managing social media crises Proactive crisis management strategies and protocols
Legal Compliance Basic adherence to social media policies and regulations Comprehensive compliance with local and international social media laws and regulations
Employee Advocacy Programs Basic initiatives to engage employees as brand advocates Advanced programs to empower and engage employees in social media activities
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Basic CRM integration for customer data management and segmentation Advanced CRM systems for personalized customer interactions and retention strategies
Mobile Optimization Basic optimization for mobile users Advanced strategies for seamless user experience across mobile devices
Lead Generation Basic lead capture strategies through social media channels Advanced techniques to generate high-quality leads and conversions
Localized Marketing Tailored marketing campaigns for each franchise location
Brand Reputation Management Monitoring and enhancing brand perception across social platforms
Data Privacy and Security Strict adherence to data privacy laws and protection measures